B.S. in Architecture, Minor in Photography (2020)
I'm interested in the educational pedagogy for architecture and how the discipline seeks to bridge gaps between academia and practice. What avenues that architecture can fulfill in the future detached from a 100% anthropocentric view, and how this can allow us to address inequities in historic development. I hope to participate in community driven design processes that allow the marginalized and under-heard access to innovative and thoughtful design, i.e. those who need it most and receive it least. It goes without saying, but I'm also extremely interested in critical theory.

I am currently:
Cinema Coordinator // 5th Avenue Cinema (
Leading a team of five in a flat hierarchy to program thoughtful and diverse films on original formats. Preservation as diversity and exposing the Portland community to greater voices and emotional connections that could only be fostered through the medium.
Peer Mentor for PSU University Studies Freshman Inquiry (FRINQ)
Providing support and creating comfortable learning environments for students beginning their transition into higher education through teaching and leading 6 hour long class sessions a week. Collaboratively design interdisciplinary curriculums under specific themes with professional university staff. 
Previous Theme: Health, Happiness, and Human Rights
Current Theme: Human Nature

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